Look around our gayborhood; when’s the last time you saw men in leather walking around? Do you miss the days where you could go out to the Castro bars in your gear and still feel like you fit in? Do you wish you didn’t have to travel 3 neighborhoods out to join your fellow leatherfolk?

There doesn’t have to be a fair or festival to get into leather. Why not just gear up, go have a drink, and enjoy being you!

This is for those of us who want more options without having to go very far.  For those of us who want our scene back in the gayborhood.

CODE is a monthly party presented by Erick Lopez.  It’s usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month, but watch our Facebook page for updates.  No cover, no stage… Just men in leather.

Enjoy $9 mason jar tea’s (They’re red, yellow and green… if you know what I mean). And $4 Jager shots, because all things leather begin with black.

Geared up Go Go’s.

Just put on your gear, come to the bar and…